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The second studio album of the Jesterdays 'jestrss'' is powered and supported by www.aza-records.com


released March 10, 2016



all rights reserved


The Jesterdays Salonika, Greece

The Jesterdays were formed in Thessaloniki (Greece) at 2009. They are experimenting on both acoustic and electric projects based on art rock, indie folk and dark wave music. Their first independently recorded album "All the kings and queens are dead, finally...", is released since December 2011.On 2014 they released ‘’Bolt Upright’’ (cd-single) distributed by Nub country records(UK). ... more

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Track Name: Tzoutzes
“Make me cry” - “Make me cry”
“The battle is lost’’ - “My heir is dead”
My enemy won’’ - “My land is lost”

«Κάνε με να κλάψω» είπε ο βασιλιάς
«Κάνε με να κλάψω» είπε και γέλαγε.
«Χάθηκε η μάχη, κάνε με να κλάψω»,
Χάθηκε ο διάδοχος» είπε και γέλαγε.
«Ο εχθρός μου νίκησε, κάνε με να κλάψω,
Χάνεται η χώρα μου» είπε και γέλαγε.
«Δύναμη στο κλάμα» είπε ο τζουτζές
«Δεν έχω καμιά»» είπε και γέλαγε.
«Των δακρύων την τέχνη δεν μου τη διδάξανε,
δεν μου τη ζητήσανε» είπε και γέλαγε.
«Με διαταγή σου, έγινα χαρούμενος,
Ξέμαθα στον πόνο» είπε και γέλαγε.
«Τώρα, πώς θα κλάψω;» είπε ο τζουτζές.
«Τώρα, πώς θα κλάψω;» είπε ο βασιλιάς.
«Τώρα, πώς θα κλάψω; »είπε και γέλαγε.
“Power on weeping” - “I have none”
“The art of tears were never known”
“Were never asked’’
“By your command I am a cheerful man”
“I forgot the pain” - ‘’I forgot the pain’’
“How can I weep now?”
Track Name: Time Traveler
Another war is starting here
I know you want to leave
Never to Witness so much pain
Never to play the game again
Advise me now before the clock
If time will start if time will stop
Between the moment and the truth
Before I rest misunderstood

‘’I have seen the light’’ you said
I chased the dark out of my soul
A noisy glimpse, a hidden hope
From then until the day I born

A starving girl out of a church
The icon and the kiss
The moment that you feel the hunger,
Your eyes will feast on this
Advise now before the clock,
When time will start when time will stop
How can I shake your spectral hand?
When will I ever comprehend?

‘’I have seen the light’’ you said
Before the end you had the right
To turn the edgy morning light
Into a blade that cuts the night

‘’time is a gallery, life is a picture’’
Shades of the dark
And light in a mixture
Creepy as an aging mind
Inner thoughts I cannot hide
We run till nothing is revealed
My life was never mine’’

‘’I have seen the light’’ you said
The finish line to start again
A safety belt from now till then
Oh will I ever see you again?
Track Name: Spiritual

A young boy shook his head and said
“Let’s burn a cigarette”
The world turned black – disaster came
I smoked and drunk myself till death
A young girl laughed and spoke to me
“Well, won’t you take me home?”
We felt a strange desire
To make love until the dawn

We crossed our hands and drink the wine
Like slaves of lust with skin to hide

An old man said that I was dead
While I was only sleeping
The wonders gush from magic jars
And dreams, dreams reloaded in my dreams
A mad man screamed as he stood proud
“Why don’t you let yourself loose?”
For he enjoyed my pity stance
Explain away the tolerance

You saw the blur inside my eyes
Spiritual thoughts and wondrous sights

A sinner blushed as time went by
‘’I rush to catch the sun go down’’
He claims a small piece in the sky
Accept the bad taste in his mouth
A spark grew up to be a flame
‘’I’m hungry and I need the wind’’
She always had to mind her lashes
When they click a mirror smashes

We crossed our hands and drink the wine
Like slaves of lust with skin to hide

A smuggler spoke before the rain
‘’You need to know your enemy’’
He always keeps his eyes below
Even when some birds fly low
A pilgrim broke a silence oath
‘’At last I am free to speak the truth’’
He paused only to take a breath
No God existed in his head

You saw the blur inside my eyes
Spiritual thoughts from wondrous sights
We crossed our hands and drink the wine
Like slaves of lust with skin to hide
Track Name: Mr. Lobster
Back and forth and here again
A blur invaded in your head
No melody chimes in your ears
No charming word can turn your fears
The sound that echoes from the gutter
Is your hideous fizzle laughter
Mr. Lobster what’s the matter?
Are you full or are you scattered?
Give me your hand?
Behind the clouds lies a land
With no cold and no rain
With no strain from a chain
Falling apart, crushing like a diving star
Shouting from the bottom of a shaft
Setting a nightmare from the start
Won’t you smile?
Won’t you stop?
Won’t you quit?
It’s for free?
Life’s a joke, you make it a poke
The whole world is your enemy
And still your nippers aiming me
Losing your trace
You are still a poker face
You’re dreaming someone else’s dream
And no one wants your cold embrace
Track Name: Undress Code
Make me suffer
Get me wrong
Headlong for another role
Can I touch you?
No I won’t
Undress code, undress code

Am I vile? Am I vulgar?
This play is wicked, almost sick
Am I weak?
Undress code, undress code

Will my senses let it flow?
Can I wait and make it grow?
Shall we Cos play?
Yes we will
Undress code, undress code

Time to shut the open door
Shall we hide or can we seek?
As we blush while
Fuck and bleak
Undress code, undress code
Track Name: Day 7
I will not cram the poison down
Unrig this goblet you propose
Church bells will ring to feed the ears
Street light the holy cause
Prepare yourself to spare your blood
In times of trouble, times of need
The angels will suspend the pure
The infidels will all be killed
Donate, forgive and pray they say
The same shit but a different day
Their pockets ready to be filled
Their jewels made by blood and tears
So don’t get fooled by the priest
He’s always present at the feast
In the good Lord’s name his fork prevails
By God’s request his knife crusades
New posters of the saints for sale
Sanctification of the rich
Poor doubting Thomas now believes
How Jesus got into show biz
My insurance a godly gift
Now given by St Peters hand
No one will victimize your sins
Forbidden fruits will not exist
And peace, peace will cost a cent or less
Dead stock of ware nevertheless